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Steamboats, Hulls, Autos and Trains for Sale

  • Twin screw with Tiny Power 3454 compound engines, Bryan D650-S water tube boiler, new in 2001


  • Hull - 15mm Okume plywood over 2" x 6" fir frames. Speed 6+ knots.


  • 1 HP Tiny Power double simple driving 12v alternator


  • Full galley with refrigerator, sink, propane stove/oven, 100 gallon fresh water, head with 70 gallon waste tank


  • Moored Columbia River near Portland, OR​


38.5-Foot Counter-Stern Steam Tug "Tortoise"

Now Asking $22,500 USD


For additional info visit: HERE or contact the owner, Dave Larson

Phone: (503) 887-4222, david12larson@gmail.com

For Sale: Steam Locomobile  

  • With 1902 Locomobile engine.

  • Has steel DURR boiler- a very good steamer.

  • Last hydro was November 2018.

  • Boiler has a NEW traditional gasoline burner.

  • Chassis is a 10-year-old Likamobile with                           hydraulic brakes and very low miles since restoration.

  • Has brand new tires

  • Comes with DOT licensed hauling trailer.

  • Locomobile is a 1898 – 1905 era

Price Reduced!

Now Asking Only $15,000 USD



Ryan Handel by email


Or Gordon Sullivan by phone (360) 366-3171

Click photo to see gallery.

For Sale: SL ODIN

Originally equipped with a diesel engine this launch was converted to steam in 2012. The hull was built in Vermont and originally launched in 1985. Odin is a sturdy boat with cedar planks over oak ribs. Boat seats four comfortably. Selling because we've purchased a new, larger steam launch to accommodate our growing family.


LOA: 18 feet, beam 6 feet

Boiler: 2012 vertical fire tube with 115 - 5/8 OD K copper tubes

Fired on propane runs for 4 hours on a "BBQ" tank
150 psi safety valve

Engine: Leroy Mietzner 2.25” bore x 4” stroke double-acting single cylinder

This engine has been in several NWSS launches including Rose and

Tenacious  before being overhauled and installed in Odin


  • Aluminum single axle trailer

  • 18x26 three blade propeller

  • Engine driven pump and hand pump

  • Copper keel cooler and feedwater

       heat exchanger


Offered for $6000

Located in Renton, WA.

Contact: Joe Spadoni
Please see Steam Gage ad or NWSS Membership Roster for contact info.

  • 6 gallon fresh water tank 

       and 2 gallon hot well

  • Depth finder

  • Two electric bilge pumps

  • Whistles are not included.

Own a Piece of History: 1939 Steel Steam Tugboat "Rambler"

Dimensions: 40’ X 10’6” X 5’ draft, 22 tons, 42” diameter, 3-blade

prop with 65 degree cut

Hull bottom re-plated 2014, now seaworthy, but needs

painting to launch.

Engine: 35 h.p. cross-compound, double-expansion, runs well

Boiler: 1986 Cleaver Brooks steam generator (12v), safety will be

set for 150 psi.  

Beckett burner works well (+ two other burners and misc. parts)

Worthington pumps: Engine driven feed water, back-up electric

feedwater, vacuum steam injector feed water, main engine

circulating pump, two bilge pumps. 

One h.p. 12v steam generator.  Re-insulated main steam line. 

Auxiliary Honda 8 h.p. generator. Engine room cooling fan added.

Misc.:  Two whistles, heavy-duty tandem axle 48’ trailer and new 

custom two-piece tarp covering on trailer.  Rear portion also

serves as a canopy top from wheelhouse to stern. 

Boat and mechanical system plans included.

Docked at Rainer, Oregon


Asking $16,500 USD

for Rambler and her heavy duty, two axle trailer


A 1986 cab-over Kenworth tractor to pull

Rambler is also available for $8,000.


Please contact me for further details or

questions you may have.   


Contact: Craten Sanders


(503) 756-0969


Ad sponsored by NWSS member Norm Davis.

Above: Engine Room – steam generator, pumps and heat exchanger

Right: Wheel House Interior

Above: 35 h.p. engine

FOR SALE: 23-Foot Fantail Hulls

Made to Your Specifications

Elliott Bay 23-foot fantail made to your color and seating arrangement specifications. Hulls are ready for interior woodwork and machinery installation, as deck, engine & boiler beds, stern tube, rudder port, floors, etc. are in place.


Also on hand: ASME Code boilers, antique engines, propellers, pumps, traditional bronze deck hardware, and marine steam engine castings.  


Contact: Pat Spurlock

Elliott Bay Steam Launch Co.

Portland, OR 

For more details, call

(503) 775-5954

Right: FESTINA LENTE of Swan’s Isle, Maine, fitted with LIFU compound and Merryweather boiler.

IRMTRAUD ANNA, with Stuart 6A and coal-fired VFT, has served German owners thirty years.

Cabin shell is also available.

Engines, Boilers and Equipment for Sale


NEW Wet Back Scotch Boiler

  • 24” diam. x 40” drum, 50” LOA

  • Approx. Weight = 700 lbs.

  • New, 57 sq. ft. heating surface

  • All A572 steel, grade 70

  • Engineering documents provided

  • Full penetrative welded, 7018 stick


Now Asking $5,000 USD

Contact: Jacob Turner 

(509) 949-1459

FOR SALE: Vintage Bronze RH 18 x 24 Propeller

Excess to my requirements.

Marked Geo. E. Taylor, St. Paul.

Mr. Taylor was a member of the St. Paul Boat Club in the early 1900’s. Bore is 1.21 on the front side and 1.05 on the opposite, keyway is 1/4"


$495 + actual shipping fees


Contact Ken Vogel


FOR SALE: Steam Launch

Propellers and Bronze Shafts

  • 12” x 15”  1-1/8” shaft reconditioned

       to excellent condition  $420 + $60 shipping

  • 15-3/8” x 21  1-1/8” shaft reconditioned

       to excellent condition  $460 + $60 shipping

  • 1-1/8” x 34” Bronze Shaft w/keyways

       (never used)  $125 + $35 shipping



All props listed below have been reconditioned.

Please contact us for pictures and detailed information. 

Come and visit our shop! Prices are negotiable.*

15 x 21   1-1/4"       $225

15 x 22  1-1/8”        $275

13 x 19   1-1/4"       $375

14 x 18   1-1/4"       $275

17 x 27   1-1/4"       $425

* Shipping fee of $60 will be added.


Contact: Teddy or Carole 253-223-2667



Pearl 2-1/2" x 3"

Marine Steam Engine

Fully machined and ready for your assembly. 

One PEARL 2 1/2" by 3" Marine Steam Engine.
MACHINED KIT, full size in iron and bronze.














or (802) 467-3205

FOR SALE: U.S. Navy “K” Launch Engine, mfg. 1918, Mare Island, CA

  • In original condition and appears to be unused.  

  • Engine complete w/ bronze bed plate, lower

       drain valves.

  • Navy throttle valve and waxed-canvas cover on copper cross-over pipe.  

  • Cosmoline still on many steel parts and on

       brass jacketing.  

  • Engine turns over nicely and is ready to run.  

  • Full size copy of original Navy blueprints

       included with sale.  


Pick up in Virginia or arrange shipping.    

Price Reduced! Now $14,500  

                                                                                           Contact: H. Hollerith  hhfour@gmail.com

FOR SALE: Don Mentzer 3x4 Steam Launch Engine


A DON MENTZER (South Stage Iron Works)


is now in search of a new home.

18W x 18L x 29H approx. 110#



Contact: Teddy or Carole



FOR SALE: Pearl Single

Cylinder Steam Engine

PEARL SINGLE Cylinder Engine Specifications:

  • Bore and stroke is 2 ½” by 3”

  • Teak Cladding

  • Steam line is ½” IPT steam and ¾” IPT exhaust

  • Dimensions are 16” long, 9” wide and 22” high

  • Weight is approximately 86 pounds

  • Low rpm high torque 2 h.p.

  • Has been run on air only

This PEARL single cylinder engine may be used to power up to a

20-foot LOA launch. She has been assembled with care and each part

meticulously hand finished and polished as can be seen in the photo.

The price reflects the amount of time needed from rough castings to

the final product.





Contact: Teddy

or Carole



FOR SALE: Pearl Twin-Cylinder Steam Engine

PEARL TWIN Engine Specifications:

· Bore and stroke is 2 ½” and 2 ½” by 3”

· High torque low rpm

· Dimensions are 25” long, 9” wide and 22” high

· Weight is approximately 165 pounds

· Located in Tacoma, WA area (University Place)


Asking $5925.00


Contact: Teddy or Carole



FOR SALE: Dick Fortier Lifetime Collection of Steam Equipment, Parts and Memorabilia


This collection, from one of the Northwest Steam Society’s founding members, contains over 22 steam whistles, 30 gauges, all sorts of valves, and misc. boat equipment, including ships’ wheels, air horns, water pumps, port lights, ventilators, a little bit of Atlas engine parts , and tons of BOOKS!

What do you need? It’s probably here!

Call: Marylou Fortier (206) 634-0992  Located in North Bothell, Washington.

FOR SALE: 2-Cyl. Engine


Two-cylinder single-acting steam engine. One horsepower with governor and rocking valve.

Asking $800 U.S. Funds 

Contact Ryan Handel




For Sale:

Superior Aztec

Propane-Fired Steam Boiler


Installed in the eighties and never fired!

304 square feet of heating surface, 2070 pounds per hour at 150 psi.  Call for more info.

Located in Lebanon, OR                     


$12,000 USD Or Best Offer


Contact: J.D. Ray (503) 358-0383


For Sale                            The Pearl Steam Engine Company


The Pearl Steam Engine Company, manufacturer of the Pearl and the Zenith steam engines is for sale.  After more than thirty years of producing single and twin cylinder marine steam engines, retirement has this company available for purchase. 

The engine details can be seen at www.PearlEngine.com

 The offering details can be seen at www.PearlEngine.com/forsale.html

FREE! Paddlewheel


Four-foot diameter, consists of two 2-foot sections which can be separated for use on a side-wheeler.

Contact: Russ Karns
(360) 733-0582

Parts & Accessories for Sale

On Now! Al Rustad Inventory Clearance Sale

1. Duplex Air Brake Gauge, Brass Case, 6-1/4" dia. x 3" deep, Ashton mfr. rear flange mount. From NPRR scrap yard 1950s. Used on S.L. Cyrene pilot house for boiler and throttle pressures. These are Scarce, 2 gauges in one! $175


2. Gauge, 0-500 PSI, bronze case, 7-3/4”dia. rear flange, 5-1/2” dial face,    2-3/4” high. Lonergan Mfr. “Main Feed Pump Discharge” ¼ NPT bottom connection. $100


3. Gauge, Ashcroft Mfg. Co, New York, 0-160 PSI, 7-3/8" dia. front flange,  7-3/4" back flange, 2-3/8" high. Brass case & flange.  $100


4. Gauge, Ashton Valve Co, Boston, 0-250 PSI, 5-3/4" dia. front Flange,      5-7/8" back flange, 2-3/8" high. Brass case & flange.  $100 

5. Several (4) Industrial Thermometers, all are glass tube type, all  except one have NPT pipe thread thermowells. (2) straight, (2) back or side connect. If interested call or email for details. $ Cheap!


All items available for inspection at Rustad Manor,

Edmonds, WA.

Contact: Allan Rustad

(425) 744-4575

email: rustad.allan@yahoo.com



Relief (safety) Valve

NEW - never used!


This Kingston Model 710 Safety 

Relief Valve is a versatile valve ideal for use

in a wide range of industrial applications.

Its high flow capacities are achieved through

full-lift performance design giving the

Model 710 a flow advantage against

comparable valves. The Model 710's fully

guided stem design providing superior

re-seating accuracy makes it a cost effective alternative. This unit is rated for steam up to 

250 psi at 400F with silicon valve seat,

3/4" inlet and 3/4" outlet.

Set for 150 psi., 4 available! 


Download Product Specifications Here


Price: $ 180.00 USD

(Includes shipping within the USA) 

Contact: Peter Carlich, Tidewater, OR 97390
eMail: carlich@pioneer.net
Phone: (
541) 528-3380


Honduras Mahogany Wainscoting Stock


Pre-sealed and finished with 3 coats of schooner varnish. Approximately 400 lineal feet. Measures 1-5/8" x 3/8" in 16-foot lengths. Ideal for finishing interior of your boat. This wainscot stock same as used in Persephone II.


Now Asking

$850.00 USD


Contact:  Wash Kohnke


(971) 570-2300


Steam Inquiries



  • Height: 25” to top of cylinder

  • Intake: 3/8” pipe

  • Exhaust: 3/4”

  • A reversing rocking valve engine

  • It has crosshead driven feed pump.

  • Bore is 3”, I think - I have not taken the cylinder head off.

  • Stroke is 3”


This is the only rocking valve engine I have ever seen. It is obviously factory made but there are no identifying marks anywhere that I can find. It is old enough that there are some square head bolts. 


Contact: Gene Goebel

eMail: geneslogon@gmail.com

Phone: (417) 724-2645


Photos and Memories of the "S.S. SIGHTSEER"

Do you know this vessel? I'd love to know of any photos and/or memories you might have of the SS SIGHTSEER, which served the Seattle area from 1936 to 1963.

I have the postcard views but need on-deck scenes, interior, and engine room photos. She was also known briefly as COLUMBIA QUEEN on the Columbia River at Pasco. 


Contact: Keith Sternberg

1258 Center Road, Lopez Island, WA 98261 eMail: navigator@rockisland.com    

Phone: (360) 468-2074

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