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The following are links to steam-related organizations, events or topics we hope you find interesting, informative and educational. Links are arranged alphabetically in the following categories: FORUMS, CLUBS, MUSEUMS and  ORGANIZATIONS, PERSONAL SITES, EQUIPMENT SUPPLIERS and MISCELLANEOUS. Simply click on the line to visit that website. 


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American Rails Forums

Boiler Forum

Chesapeake Steamboat Forum Group

Classic Steam Engine Engineering Forum 

HasBrouck Engines Group

The Steamboating Forum



Amateurs de Bateaux à Vapeur

American Classic Boat Society

Anacortes (WA) Railway

Antique Powerland Museum

Association for the "La Palma" Steamer Restoration

The Center for Wooden Boats

Chehalis Centralia Railroad Association

Connecticut Antique Engine Restoration

Cruquius Museum

Deutscher Dampfboot Verein

Finnish Steam Yacht Association

International Steamboat Society & Steamboating

London Museum of Water and Steam

Kinetic Steam Works 

Kitsap Live Steamers

Mount Rainier Scenic Railway

New England Wireless and Steam Museum

North American Steam Boat Association

Northern Mill Engine Society

Oregon Maritime Museum

Pacific Railroad Preservation Assoc.

Puget Sound Antique Tractor and Machinery Assn.

Puget Sound Maritime Historical Society

Railway and Locomotive Historical Society

Sentinel Drivers Club

Somerset Traction Engine Club

Steam Automobile Club of America

Steam Automobile Club of America Northeast

Steam Boat Association of Great Britain

Steam Car Club of Great Britain

Steamboat Association of Australia

Steamboat Association of Sweden

Steamer Virginia V Foundation

Sumpter Valley Railway

Steam Tug Baltimore 

Trevithick Society

United States Conservancy

Vereingung Schweizer Dampfbootefreunde

Vereniging Stoomvaart

Wooden Boat Foundation



S. L. Elpenor

Flying Steam Machines

Riverboat Dave's Paddlewheel Site

Stanley Steamers

Steam Esteem

Steaming Priest

Reliable Steamboat Company



A & K Enterprises - small valves, injectors, atomizing oil burners...

AD Piston Rings - Since 1921, manufactures piston rings for a wide variety of applications.

Astragal Press - The Whistle's Moan, The American Steam Gauge

Beckmann Boatshop - Steam and electric boatshop

Bjorklund Steam - manufacture an 80mm x 80mm engine. - the name says it, and lots of 'em

 Colonial Iron Works, Ltd. - design and manufacture of machinery, (steam engines, boilers, feed pumps, etc.)  

Edensaw Woods, Ltd. - marine lumber and plywood

Elliott Bay Steam Launch Co. - engines, boilers, boats & books

Herron Rail Video - trains, traction engines, steamboats

Lindsay's Technical Books - "The" Lindsay book folks, online

Martin Model & Pattern - large selection of cast iron flywheels 3" to ?

Michael Porter - marine design; does steamboats

Midwest Model Steam Products - live steam products & accessories

Myers Engine Works - The best small duplex feed pump

Old Time Tech - produces an excellent, authentic steam siren

Pearl Engine Co. - single & twin cylinder engines, feed pumps, blueprints...

Perfectly Pretty Comfy Clothing Company - period clothing

Railpub - back issue live steam magazines & used books

Rappahannock Boat Works - complete steam launch hulls

Reliable Steam Engine Co. - engines, boilers, accessories & boat plans

Selway-Fisher Design - hull designs

Sherline Products - plus online "how-to" for their products!

Steam Replicas - steam powered models of all kinds - what the name says

Tiny Power - fractional to 10HP steam & hot air engines

TinyTech Plants - manufacturer of steam engines and tiny thermal power plants used around the world

Traditional Boatshop (Elegance Launches) - from plans to complete boats



The Don McCune Library

History of the Transcontinental Railroad

Industrial Archaeology Recordings

International Association for the Advancement of Steam Power

Model Railroads and Freight Cars

Railroad History: Who Constructed Railroads? – Construction Disputes

Railroads in Texas From Fort Worth, TX and Beyond


Roots of Motive Power

Shay Locomotives

Silva Bay Shipyard School

Steam in the Garden

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