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Stationary Steam & Machinery

Steam-powered stationary engines were the prime mover for all manufacturing throughout the world from the mid-1850's until well into the 1900's. Traction engines filled the need for a portable means of power for farms, sawmills, and other "mobile" processing. Donkey engines crawled throughout the forests, skidding and lifting harvested trees. Steam tractors changed the agricultural landscape (literally and figuratively) by allowing one man to do the work of a hundred. And then some things, like the steam calliope, were simply created for enjoyment. Click on any of the names below to see photos and specifications of that particular piece of equipment.


Note: If you are a NWSS member and would like your stationary steam project or piece of machinery listed, or would like revisions made to your current listing, simply fill out the Word template HERE, save the document as the name of your project, and email the template and a photo of your project to the webmaster at

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