Owners: William D. Cody
 Address: 5805 Sun Blest Circle, Sun Valley, NV 89433
 Phone: 775-674-6512


Track - 7-1/2" gauge
Builder - Bill Conner of Shelbyville, TN, completed in March of 2001.
Bore/Stroke - 2 inch x 2.75 inches
Drive Ratio - 20% Overdrive
Driver Diameter - 4.375 inches.
Weight - 430 pounds
Additional - routinely run on a track where the main line is at 4.5%


Type - Vertical Fire Tube. (Does not require any outside input to fire up)
Size - 12 inch dia. x 18 inches high; 10 inch dia. x 5 inch firebox.
Tubes - 306 - 3/8 inch diameter fire tubes.
Firing - Single 5 1/2 inch dia. propane burner with six rosette burners on the top and two rows of holes around the edge. Has a pilot light so the main burner can be shut off if needed and re-lit by just opening the fuel valve.
Operating Pressure - 120 PSI.
Boiler Feed - Beam pump and a hand pump on riding car. 13 gal. of water and 12 gal. of propane carried.


Compressed air brakes on engine and riding car.
Working sander.
There are two trucks under this engine and all wheels are driven by chains. Note - the chains are not loose to allow for turning; there are constant speed universal joints built into each truck to allow for turns.


I have hauled 11 preschool children, 11 adults and myself around the SVLS track with no problems. With beams working up and down while I run it is quite an attention getter.

view of locomotive with close up of engine at bottom