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Members of the Northwest Steam Society own a wide variety of steamboats, ranging from 10' to 70' and from steam outboards to quadruple expansion engines. This page will provide an opportunity for others to view these boats. Some are still under construction.

The boats are arranged alphabetically by name followed by a brief description. Selecting the boat name will take you to a page with more with more complete details and, perhaps, a photo. To return to this page, simply close that boat page "window". And select the "projects" button below to return to the projects listing page.

If you are a member of the NWSS and would like to have your boat's statistics entered on this website, go to the , print it out ( it should fit on a piece of 8-1/2" x 11" ), fill it out, and mail it to the address noted.

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Willard & Peggy Heyne. 33' built in 1906 by the US Navy at Mare Island and powered by a US Navy "K" compound built in 1918. A new boiler - steam atomizing oil - was fitted in 1995.


Lou Keller. 29'11" Compromise hull by Beckmann Boatshop, 3" + 5" x 4" compound by Strath Steam of Australia, and Code VFT boiler by Mosquito Enterprises. Used as a harbor tour/charter boat.


Tony & Meg Hubner. The sidewheel power plant is the thing. The boiler, engines, and sidewheels are on a frame weighing approx. 130 lbs which is easily attached amidships to the railcaps of this rugged canoe.


Russ & Virginia Karns. 19' ex Thistle class sailboat hull of hot molded plywood which the owner lengthened. 2.5" x 2.5" simple engine and Roberts type boiler.


Robert McKibbins. 17' lifeboat type hull powered by a Semple 5 hp engine and Semple boiler. With no condenser (feedwater is drawn from the lake or river) Loon is a simple, no frills power plant.


Allen & Lorraine Gregg. 25.5' fantail hull powered by a beautiful AVL compound and Roberts type boiler, both built by the owner.


Robert Dessert. 22.5' fantail hull, the original designed by Monk and built in 1943. The engine is a T. Patchet compound made in 1882, probably the oldest marine steam engine in service in the USA.


gold box Dave & Bonnie Hogan. This 25 foot counterstern tugboat was originally designed and built for Ted Middleton in the 1950s. Dave knew her back then and acquired her in 1992. Many hours of work have been spent to restore her and turn her into a steam tug.


Jerry & Judy Ross. 18' fantail wood hull to a Selway-Fisher design. The original owner, John Hickman built hull.


Renee & Dorothy Joffrion. 18' of very shapely wineglass transom hull. Originally built in 1984 for electric power, the owner has converted her to steam with a Tiny Power engine and vertical fire tube boiler.


Bill Ellsworth. 39'11" of fantail yacht powered by a Navy "M" with O'Connor boiler. Air conditioning, hot and cold running water, full galley and many other amenities. Completely rebuilt including engine after Hurrican Katerina in 1905.


SS Master Society. 70' Canadian tugboat. Retired in 1962, she was purchased by a group of enthusiasts and restored to operating condition. She has changed owners several times, but is still in operating condition.


gold box Norm & Jeannette Davis. 21' of truly classic design, 1890's full fantail hull, but of fiberglass. A Stuart 6A compound built by Bill Lowe coupled with a Hobby Steam Boilers vertical fire tube boiler recreate a by-gone day.


Dan & Marian Martin. 26' US Coast Guard Motor Surf Boat, the owner used the original hull to make the mold for the present Mosquito. Owner designed and built engine and new boiler in 2000. Always ready to race.


Herb & Sandy Maekelburger. 16' strip planked cedar canoe which the owner finished. He and a friend also made the castings and built the engine as well as boiler.


Robert & Tracy Eisenman. 19+' Aeolus Boatworks hull - sister to Bart Smaalder's Otter - with a very different power plant. Canoe engine (c.1900) and VFT boiler.


Michael & Susan Cross. A "Catalina 22" sailboat hull provides the basis for this 4 cylinder, radial, uniflow stern drive engine and wood pellet fired monotube boiler. Some of the components are still "mythical".


gold box Richard Vennerbeck & Karen Scholer. 30' classic fantail hull powered by a York compound engine built by the owner. The 65 sq.ft. Roberts type boiler is indiscriminate in its fuel (the owner admits to burning old tires in the dark of night).


Al & Nancy Rustad. Another of the "Magic" hulls using Mosquito Enterprise's steeple compound engine and a 80sq.ft. Semple VFT boiler. A great boat for "gunkholing" but capable of being out in a light "dusting".


Tom & Marge Kane. Built in England as an offshore fishing boat, the previous owner removed the cabin and installed a Blackstaffe steeple compound engine and boiler. Tom plans to make improvements.


Kent & Connie Lord. 36' fantail steel hull, the owner built the Navy "K" type engine from the Scripps' castings; is doing the non-code work on the 125 sq.ft. VFT boiler; and plans to start on the hull this year.


Art Miller. 15' 9" catamaran hull powered by a steam outboard. Art is in his late teens and, while he has had the aid of his grandfather Russ Karns, he has done most of the work himself.


William G. & Debbie Turner. 23', the previous owner modified an "off the shelf" cathedral hull. It makes a roomy and stable platform for an AVL compound and Roberts type boiler.

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